SGM Healthcare Strategic Solutions
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SGM Testimonials


Here is What Our Clients Have Been Saying!

"Tom, Dusty, and Matt get it right!  Being prepared for competition begins and ends with a well defined, singular strategy.  SGM's 'Building Competitive Immunity®' teaches sales and marketing teams the essential skills to identify a winning strategy and execute aggressively--to be warriors in the art of war."

"Our industry is changing more frequently than I have observed in over 30 years in Pharma.  Working with SGM for ten plus years has kept us strategically focused on 'what we will rely upon to win.'  The dump sales approach no longer works.  Building Competitive Immunity® is a multi-faceted approach that is vital to success in our ever changing market."

"Tom, Dusty, and Matt clearly understand all facets of the sales equation.  In Building Competitive Immunity®, they have captured a smart, well-researched, and personable sales and marketing approach that is strategic and pragmatic--and highly relevant to today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape.  The old rules just don't apply.  For any healthcare organization competing for customer share, the provide the who-what-when-where-and-how to succeed in our increasingly complex marketplace."

"Attending a Building Competitive Immunity® seminar several years ago changed my life!  I learned what true strategy meant and I no longer confused strategy with tactics.  The workshop reaffirmed my strategic approach that transcends the traditional way of doing business through tactical, customer-focused problem solving to ge the sale.  BCI® taught me that even if my competition was armed with more resources than I thought imaginable, they were useless if I controlled the situation through effective strategy because I set myself and my product apart from the competition in ways that were important to my customer.  In the workshop, the SGM facilitator shared this quote with me: 'The key to victory is not in defeating your competitor but in defeating his strategy, for therein lies his vulnerability.' How very true this is!"

"The approach taught by SGM challenges you to think and act differently in your THRIVE rather than SURVIVE!  It questions your capabilities while helping you to realize your true market potential.  It forces you to determine and focus on 'that something' with which you can rely upon to win!"

"SGM offers a practical approach that allows companies to consider all elements of terrain as they are developing account strategy.  Their methods challenge organizations to think about strategy differently and align on 'the one thing they will rely upon to win' in the marketplace, and then ensure that the underlying tactics are in place to support success.  I recommend SGM's consulting and workshops to any organization working in the healthcare marketplace today."

"In order to truly differentiate your products/solutions in a rapidly changing healthcare industry you must move beyond the 'back to basics' mentality and rise above the mediocrity with new game changing approaches to your customer's challenges.  The Building Competitive Immunity® philosophy and approach are powerful tools that will provide your team with a disciplined approach to gain gaining knowledge of the evolving terrain, and understanding of your strengths and the threats of the competition, all from the customer's perspective.  Only after understanding all of three will you be ready to move ahead with innovative strategies that WIN!  SGM does this with their BCI® workshop."

"I now have the tools to look at my business more strategically."

"Teaching, coaching,  and focusing my people on strategy will be my priorities."

"Consideration will be given to evaluating account managers on strategy and execution of strategy."

"My people need to get out to the field to have these discussions with customers at all levels of the customer's organization."

"I plan to work on getting strategic and business information down through the ranks so that we can all be more proactive to changing trends and less reactive to them."

"There is value in developing a systematic approach to learning about my region…self, other, and terrain."

"I will be scrutinizing strategy in the business planning process…simplifying…. is paramount!"

"I will set the goal of reading 2-3 suggested texts this year and building up my knowledge of both strategy and the healthcare terrain."

"We will review with our team what we’fe learned within the next 30 days and review prior to business plan writing next year."

"I will begin developing my managers and representatives to think more strategically and run their territories more strategically."

"The need to improve the strategy component of my District Business Plan is obvious."

"Internally...Get people to identify potential strategies vs. tactics for their markets and externally…. Convey the 'one thing' in a way that is compelling to the customer and all influencers within the account."

"I now understand what has been holding me back from achieving my objectives in my most important and influential account."

"We have learned a way that may not guarantee that we will win in every competitive situation, but we will know how to evaluate any loses and prepare to win in the future."

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